This two-year Erasmus+ project is exploring how digital transformation and innovation can be harnessed to build resilience and capacity in the grassroots sport and physical activity sector to make it fit for the digital age.


Running from January 2023 to December 2024, the main objective of the DigiFit project is to accelerate the digital transformation of grassroots sport organisations and their staff by helping to develop their digital readiness and resilience through capacity building.

The project aims more specifically to breed a culture of innovation in the field of grassroots sport through selected piloting organisations.

By driving innovation in the grassroots sport sector, the project will make a meaningful contribution to the EU’s priorities of accelerating digitisation and bridging the knowledge, skills and competencies gap.

Project partners: ISCA (lead), PRN SI - National Sport Innovations Resource Center of the French Ministry of Sport (France), DGI Impact (Denmark), European Platform on Sport Innovation (EPSI) (Belgium), University College of Cork (Ireland) and Institute for Sport and Youth (IDPJ) (Portugal). Associated partners: Grand Paris Sport Cluster (France) and UNICAS (Italy).


The DigiFit project consists of 12 main activities, including a pan-European survey, a Bootcamp and an Incubation Programme, that are divided into three phases: Creating the conditions; Building capacity and Sharing, learning and fostering new actions. During each of these phases, organisations working in the grassroots sport sector will have a chance to shape their own future.

All participating organisations will:

  • Benefit from knowledge sharing and exchange with other participating organisations;
  • Develop their expertise in designing and implementing innovative grassroots sport programmes and solutions;
  • Enhance their understanding of using digital solutions as tools for sport and physical activity;
  • Establish credible and impactful models of digital transformation for future use.

Click on the Resources tab to find insights from our research, a database of solution providers, concrete case studies and an online learning course.


We hope this project will help create a layer of protection and resilience for grassroots sports organisations in the years to come.

Digitalisation in grassroots sport can enhance the participation experience by enabling easy registration and payment processing, scheduling and communication, and providing access to training materials and resources. It can also facilitate better organisation of sports activities, allowing clubs and leagues to manage teams, fixtures, and results more efficiently.

It can also provide greater visibility for local sports teams and organisations, enabling them to attract more participants, sponsors, and fans. It can also create new opportunities for fundraising and community engagement through crowdfunding and social media campaigns.

Overall, digitalisation in grassroots sport has the potential to increase the accessibility, inclusivity, and sustainability of sports activities at the community level, and to create a more engaging and rewarding experience for all stakeholders involved.


Fit for the Digital Age

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