Fit for the Digital Age

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The DigiFit project is addressing the Erasmus+ priority of digital transformation by helping grassroots sport staff develop their digital readiness, resilience and capacities to be fit for the digital age. By aiming to facilitate innovation in the grassroots sport sector, it will ensure that sports clubs can stay DigiFit and thrive into the future.


DigiFit: Fit for the Digital Age will look into how digital transformation and innovation can be harnessed to build resilience and capacity in the grassroots sport and physical activity sector to make it #DigiFit. The main objective of the project is to accelerate digital transformation of the grassroots sport organisations and involved staff. The project aims more specifically to breed a culture of innovation in the field of grassroots sport through selected piloting organisations.

The two-year project is supported by an Erasmus+ Sport Cooperation Partnership grant. Its international partners, led by ISCA, will help increase the capacity and digital literacy of the grassroots sport organisations through skill development and blended learning methods. It will accelerate concrete change by piloting new solutions to aid short-term recovery in the Covid-19 aftermath and build the long-term resilience of the entire sector.

How does digitalisation help sports clubs thrive better?

It enables easier member registration and payment processing, scheduling and communication, and provides access to training materials and resources

It facilitates better organisation of sports activities, allowing clubs and leagues to manage teams, fixtures, and results more efficiently

It provides greater visibility for local sports teams and organisations, enabling them to attract more participants

It creates new opportunities for fundraising and community engagement through crowdfunding and social media campaigns

It has the potential to increase the accessibility, inclusiveness and sustainability of sports activities

Project objectives

To tackle the challenges grassroots sport face in embracing digital innovation

To unlock the grassroots sport sector’s potential to champion digital innovation

To strengthen international multi-sector collaboration by matchmaking grassroots sport organisations with international partners and solution providers


Fit for the Digital Age

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